MACKINAW MUSH - 23rd Annual Sled Dog Race
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2012 Mackinaw Mush Annual Sled Dog Race


The 23rd Annual Mackinaw Mush Sled Dog Race

The 2012 Mackinaw Mush is officially cancelled for this year

due to lack of snow and a very bleak forecast for the up-coming week.


Attention Dog Drivers
Snub lines will be mandatory

Snub lines should extend at least 1 foot but no longer then 2 feet beyond handle bar.
Loop should be approximately 3"-4" in diameter. No metal rings.
You can run the snub line on the side, or under the basket.
Thank you in advance for you cooperation in this matter.

This years "MUSH" should prove to be as exciting for the fans as it will be for the Mushers & their teams!

We invite you to join us for a grand weekend of unique entertainment and fun for the entire family!

As the sport of dog sledding becomes increasingly popular as a spectator and participant sport,
it creates public awareness of the bond between human and canine companionship.

Fast, exciting well trained sled dog teams are the result of careful behind the scenes planning and hard work.

Successful mushers are knowledgeable in such diverse areas as, kennel management, canine behavior, nutrition,
veterinary care, psychology, physical conditioning, housing and transportation.
Wise mushers soon learn that success or failure in any of these areas affect performance dramatically.
Considering this fact it is obvious that the welfare of the dogs is of paramount importance.

Team and driver develop a close, trusting relationship because of the time they spend together.
To betray that trust by not meeting all of their dog's needs run counter
to the goal of having a happy, healthy, highly motivated team.
What you see at a race is the result of long hours of work and planning to ensure
that their team is prepared to test itself against the trail and competition.

Sled dogs run because they love to run, they are born and raised to it.
How they run is the product of how they are trained.
If they are well trained they run in perfect harmony.
If they don't, it is the failure of the musher, not the the dogs.
One of the greatest mushers of all time summed it all up when he said
"the dogs never make a mistake, we do".
Sled dogs, like all athletes, spend more time training than competing.
By the time you see a dog team running a race,
they will have logged hundreds of miles in training.

This year's purse TBD

Trail Conditions & Weather

Looking for the white stuff.

Trails is being worked on!!

We have our fingers crossed for another great year.

ISDRA Sanctioned
This years event is sanctioned by and operating under ISDRA (International Sled Dog Racing Association) rules!


Single starts on Saturday and Sunday with 1 minute intervals.



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